David Lennon
My journey to being photographer is a little different than most. Whilst I was studying a degree in Music Commercial Composition at Hertfordshire University, I was always the one taking photographs at events and occasions. Whilst seeking bigger and better music equipment, I thought 'Maybe it's time to upgrade from a point and shoot?'

I quickly became engulfed by photography. Always practicing new techniques and researching new lenses. A year later I found myself travelling the world as a photographer on a cruise ship. I learnt a lot working everyday and being surrounded by so many other talented photographers, and it wasn't long before I was giving photography lectures and lessons to guests on board.
I have been working as a photographer around the World and Britain for 6 years.  I have worked as an Event, stock, portrait, wedding, commercial, event, and school photographer.
Currently I'm working on the www.tateyear3project.co.uk